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Learn About Generator Basics

Learn About Generator Basics

When you’re procuring generators or generator parts, it’s important that you understand the basics of the equipment that you’re evaluating. At Joval Industrial, we’re happy to work with you to help you determine the precise parts that you need. We’ll help you learn about generators so that you can understand what you need to buy or replace, and which components do what. First, let’s spend some time talking about generator basics so that you’ll understand a little more about the generators, parts, and components that we provide as a company. 

What is an Automatic Transfer Switch for a Generator?

An ATS, or Automatic Transfer Switch, is a switch that can be installed in connection with a backup generator. In many situations, an individual or company doesn’t need their generator unless their main utility source fails. This switch helps ensure that the generator switches on automatically if the main source of power fails. So, for example, if you wanted to have a backup generator in place in case your power went out over the weekend, you could install a generator with an ATS. Then, if the power went out, the ATS would ensure that the generator automatically switched on when the main power went out. 

What is a Generator Automatic Voltage Regulator?

In many situations, generators can operate at variable loads. If you have more than one generator working together, it’s important that the load be divided and regulated so that the chance of overload is minimized. An Automatic Voltage Regulator, or AVR, helps to stabilize this output so that everything is consistently divided, stabilized, and none of your generators accidentally get overloaded. An overloaded generator can cause serious issues, so this regulator is an important piece of equipment that helps you avoid this. Speak to one of our representatives to learn about the best regulator for your specific installation. 

What is a Generator Controller?

When you’re running one or more generators, it’s important to be able to control them from a central location. Your generator controller area or generator controller panel provides you with an easy mechanism to help keep everything organized and operating smoothly. This piece of equipment is typically installed in an area that’s easy for everyone to access so that if anything needs to be adjusted, it’s can be done so quickly. 
Joval Industrial specializes in producing a wide variety of generator parts and components and is happy to provide you with the exact piece that you need in order to keep your system operating at its best. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you with your next project or installation, so that your generator works as well as possible and power is regulated effectively throughout your facility.

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