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Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season

Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season

Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is about to arrive in amid a historical, worldwide pandemic. Now more than ever, you want to be prepared for the upcoming season, including before and after a severe weather system hits. Colorado State University has already predicted a severe hurricane season on the way, so being prepared in advance can reduce anxiety and help you stay calm.

Prepare in advance.

When you hear a hurricane warning, do a few things that prepare your family in advance. If you stay, make sure you have a possible location already in place in case you are required to evacuate. Advise any close family members in advance of your go-to site. Get a “go” bag ready for your family members, including your pets. Include snacks, water, medication, toys for kids and animals, and any other necessary items that you can easily take with you. Don’t forget to include batteries, flashlights, and any communication devices. Also, make sure you turn up the settings of your fridge and freezer, which will make your food extra cold, and save your food on the chance power goes out.

Anticipate loss of power.

It’s better to prepare for the odds that you will lose power in the middle of the storm. Before your power goes out, unplug any major electronics and appliances throughout your home, including lights, chargers, and anything plugged in that you know you won’t use. Make sure everyone who has a cell phone has charged it and avoids using it as much as possible. You’ll want to have access to call for emergency services, so avoid the temptation to use your phone for non-emergency purposes. Even with your home’s generator, you will want to be as cautious as you can about your power usage.

Prepare the exterior of your home.

In addition to making preparations for your family, make sure that debris and tree branches are clear of any power lines. Contact a local professional to get this type of work done. Also, take care of debris or other objects outside that can be airborne in the midst of a storm. As a storm approaches, making sure any unnecessary electrical equipment is unplugged outdoors and turn off swimming pool pumps and filters.

With these tips in mind, your home and family will be prepared for the upcoming hurricane season. If you need parts for your generators, contact Joval Industrial for your generator parts needs.

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