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Standby and Prime Power for Generators

Standby and Prime Power for Generators


At Joval Industrial, we outfit our customers with a range of excellent equipment for industrial power needs. We have generators and parts that can stand the tests of time in ruggedized environments, and we have versatile options for different kinds of business processes and systems. We can also help businesses to choose what best fits their needs, with our expertise in power supply and equipment setups. 

One big choice in the world of generators is whether the customer wants to go with standby power or prime power. Here’s how the two measure up.

Standby Power

A generator built for standby power is one that is meant to stand in for a grid-connected source of power in the case of emergencies. Another way to explain this is that the standby power generator is designed to provide a continuous supply of power on command. This is extremely valuable in the event of a hurricane or storm or other power outage, where a business has to run on a sustained supply of energy. Companies need to think carefully about having a disaster recovery plan, not just to keep buildings safe and inhabitable, but to safeguard all of the real-time data that is increasingly important for business today. That is part of the vital role of standby power.

Prime Power

Experts explain prime power generators as being able to operate under variable loads.

Prime power generators are the kinds of systems that companies often deploy in the field in order to set up new projects. They can connect the equipment, turn on the generator, and draw from that generator as needed, which often involves various types of power draws. A trenching machine, chainsaw, or other larger equipment piece may have its specific draw, and that has to be factored into the way the prime power generator will work when brought to the job site

Other Considerations

In addition to choosing standby or prime power options, there are other considerations for buying the right generator for your business.

Buyers will want to look at questions like how a voltage regulator is set up, what a control panel looks like, and how fuel tanks are protected. All of this goes into the research and due diligence that it takes to get the right equipment for enterprise use.
Talk to Joval Industrial about getting all of the power that you need on-site for your business. Having a backup will be a life-saver if disaster strikes, and you can rely on the quality of the gear that we offer our business customers.

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