ATS-22 1PH Kit Mcpherson Controls Automatic Transfer Switch Controller

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The ATS-22 1 Phase ATS controller is responsible for sensing the utility & generator side. If main power loss occurs the controller will send the signal to start the generator and then automatically switch from utility to generator power. Once power is restored it will switch back to utility power and turn off the generator automatically. 2-wire dry contact needed between ATS the generator set for communication. This specific controller can only work in 1 phase applications from 240/120, 220/110, 230/115


  • Smart touch screen (touch sensor) design.
  • Compact size with user-friendly LED display.
  • All programming and operations are done from the front screen interface.
  • Monitors grid and emergency for over and under voltage anomalies.
  • Monitors grid and emergency for over and under frequency anomalies.
  • Programmable exerciser with Load.
  • Exerciser set for one time per week with load.
  • Emergency position contacts for Auto-Dialer
  • Simple programming on-site
  • Auto-saved settings (memory preserved throughout all power disconnects and resets).
  • Front panel display provides source status and fail alarm indications

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