ATS-33 Mcpherson Controls Automatic Transfer Switch Dual Generator Controller

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The ATS-33 design is specifically designed for the dual generator power system (2 generator system). The ATS-33 controller manages the automatic start-up and transfer of load between the primary and stand-by generators, whether the power-loss is an unexpected event or scheduled. Additionally, the controller can be programmed to deliver a set operation duty cycle which enables both the primary and stand by generators to operate in relay duty. The ATS-33 controller provides an unmatched degree of programmed flexibility. It provides all the necessary administration to ensure that the ATS switch operates properly through a series of programmed sensing and timing functions.


  • Microprocessor based with touch screen.
  • Smart touch screen (touch sensor) design.
  • Compact size with user-friendly LED display.
  • Programmable for cycle-mode or fix-mode displays for 3-phase and 1-phase voltages and frequencies.
  • All programming and operations are done from the front screen interface.
  • Monitor both primary and stand-by generator for over and under voltages.
  • Monitor both primary and stand-by generator for over and under frequency.
  • Dry-contact alarm for transfer fail and over-cranking.
  • Manual force-bypass.
  • Compatible with almost all ATS switches.
  • Optional USB / RS485 / Ethernet remote (mobile proxy) communication functions.
  • Program on-site or from remote (mobile) device (PC, Smart Phone).
  • Auto-saved settings (memory preserved throughout all power disconnects and resets).
  • Front panel display provides source status and fail alarm indications.

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