ATS-PLC Mcpherson Controls Automatic Transfer Switch Controller

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The ATS-PLC is a programmable multi-function touch-screen automatic transfer switch controller with a 5.7-inch color touch screen. It incorporates internally most operational relays and can easily replaces all conventional ATS controller. The interface is friendly with plenty of settings and configurations to suit almost all ATSs. It works with single phase/3 phase 3 wires/ 3 phase 4 wires systems. Can be easily adapted to almost all types ATS switches from numerous manufacturers and can be used as a retrofit controller to update an existing switch or in the assembly and constructions of new Transfer Switches. It incorporates modern Internet controls and communication protocols.


  • Compact size and easy installation
  • 5.7” inch color LCD touch-screen
  • Program and function setting via touch-screen operation
  • Voltage, current, frequency and KVA readings for normal and standby power and with time displays
  • Voltage, current and frequency readings displayed digitally or analog display
  • Normal and standby power phase voltage monitoring and protection
  • Normal and standby power frequency monitoring and protection
  • Normal and standby reverse phase sequence protection
  • Normal & standby overload or short circuit trip monitoring & protection (when using ATS’s with trips) Exercise with or without load.
  • 1 to 4 weeks exercise and ATS testing.
  • Pre-alert DANGER signal output for scheduled automatic
  • Exercise / testing
  • Transfer FAIL alarms
  • Compatibility with all types of ATS switches
  • Optional USB / RS485 and Ethernet remote control (mobile proxy) for Iphone, Android and PC
  • Program on-site or from remote (mobile) device (PC, Smart Phone).
  • Prevents loss of data during power outage
  • Front panel display provides status and alarm indications.
  • 40-line event log
  • 4 digits password protection
  • Supports (English and Spanish)

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