ATS22/1000/3N3 McPherson Automatic Transfer Switch 1000 AMP 3 Pole ATS

Product Summary
  • Automatic Transfer Switch
  • 1000 AMPS
  • 3 Pole / 1-3 Phase, 50/60 Hz
  • 4 wire – including neutral
  • ATS-22DC Advanced Controller (208-480V adjustable)
  • Heavy duty motorized breaker style switch P/N BTS3BE1000
  • Multi-Voltage – No additional parts required
  • NEMA 3R Weather-Proof Enclosure for Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Export type, Non-UL

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The ATS22/1000/3N3 1000 Amp 3 Pole ATS is designed for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The transfer switch provides flexibility of both manual and automatic functions. Can work either in 50 or 60 Hz and up to 480 volts. It can be installed for indoor or outdoor environments.


  • User-friendly LED display
  • Exerciser Timer included. 1 to 4 week configurations
  • Very easy to program directly on the front controller
  • Under and over voltage normal source monitoring
  • Under and over voltage emergency source monitoring
  • Count down display in real time
  • Transfer failure output signal
  • Testing feature via the front ATS control for system check, with or without load
  • Operator can save configuration preferences right from the ATS22 panel. No computer or special module needed.
  • 2-wire dry contact autostart output (Generator must have autostart enabled controller)


  • Time Delay Emergency to Normal (TDEN)
    • TDEN delays the transfer from the emergency source to the normal Source to permit stabilization of the normal source before retransfer is made. Timing begins when the normal source becomes available.
    • Adjustable TDEN time range: 00 to 999 seconds
  • Time Delay Normal to Emergency (TDNE)
    • TDNE delays the transfer from normal to emergency to permit stabilization of the generator before the retransfer is made. Timing begins when the standby source becomes available.
    • Adjustable TDEN time range: 00 to 250 seconds
  • Time Delay Engine Start (TDES)
    • The TDES Time (Delays Engine Start) this timer prevents nuisance start because of momentary electrical glitches. If power normalizes before the countdown ends, the controller skips the engine start and resets the timer
    • Adjustable TDES time range: 00 to 30 sec.
  • Time Delay Engine Cool-down (TDEC)
    • TDEC permits the generator to run unloaded after the ATS retransfer back the load to Normal source. Timing begins when the ATS connects back to Normal source
    • Adjustable TDEC range: 00 to 250 sec.

>Listing photos are representative and may not reflect exact model
>High voltage can harm or cause death. This switch should only be installed or serviced by a trained technician
>Superceeded from ATS21/1000/3N3, same switch, upgraded controller