EG3002 Mcpherson Controls Electronic Engine Governor Controller

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The EG3002 governor works together with an (MPU) in order to regulate engine speed.  This engine governor had many standard features engine Start Smoke Limiting, IDLE Speed Setting


  • Cummins: 3062322, 3419988, 3098693, 3044196, 4913988-BI.
  • Barber Coleman: DYN1 10794-000-0-24, DYN1-10654-000-0-24, DYN1-1065X Series, DYN1-1069X Series, DYN1-10754-000-0-12, DYN1-10754-001-0-24, DYN1-10704-000-0-12 – DYN1-10704-000-0-24 – DYN1-10754-004-0-24.
  • GAC (Governor Americas control): ESD2210-12, ESD5111, ESD5221, ESD5500, ESD5500E, ESD5500E K77255, ESD5550, ESC63C.
  • Woodward: 8290-038, 8290-147, 8290-185, 8290-190, DPG2101-000-012, DPG-2104, DPG-2201-002, 8290-184, 8270-1033 (12V),
  • EPG: 8290-189

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