TS913A0400B Thomson Automatic Transfer Switch | Service Entrance Rated

Product Summary
  • Automatic Transfer Switch – S.E Rated
  • 100 AMPS
  • 3 Pole / 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz
  • TSC 9 Advanced Controller – Up to 240v only
  • 4 wire – Including Neutral
  • Power Contactor Switch Type
  • Rust Resistant Aluminum Enclosure
  • USA or Export type – UL1008 Listed



Service entrance rated automatic transfer switches (SE-ATS) are essential components in commercial and industrial power systems. These devices provide a reliable and safe solution for transferring power between utility and backup sources. SE-ATS units are specifically designed to be installed at the main service entrance of a building, allowing for power transfers during outages.

SE-ATS units are built to meet rigorous industry standards and are capable of handling high electrical loads. They ensure a quick and reliable transition between power sources, preventing disruptions and minimizing downtime.

When selecting an SE-ATS, factors such as current rating, voltage compatibility, and coordination with other electrical equipment should be considered. Additionally, compliance with relevant codes and regulations is crucial to ensure a safe and reliable installation.

Investing in a high-quality SE-ATS ensures uninterrupted power supply and protects critical equipment and systems. Professional installation by certified technicians is recommended to ensure proper functionality and adherence to safety standards. By choosing a reputable manufacturer and regularly maintaining the SE-ATS, businesses can enhance their power resilience and protect their operations.


  • 100% Automatic system – Turns on generator when power goes out, Turns off generator when power is restored
  • 100% Rated Main Disconnect included – Utility load side
  • 2-wire dry contact autostart output (Generator must have autostart enabled controller)
  • Built in Exerciser Timer included – 7, 14 or 28 day, On-load or Off-Load
  • Open Tranisition
  • Constant normal & emergency source monitoring
  • Outputs for Automatic Load Shed & Remote Alarming


>Listing photos are representative and may not reflect exact model
>High voltage can harm or cause death. This switch should only be installed or serviced by a trained technician

Additional information


Thomson Power Systems




TS910, Service Entrance Rated

Physical Dimensions

45 1/8” x 27 7/8” x 11” (Enclosure dimensions are for reference)


90 lbs


2 Year Limited International Warranty


Miami, FL USA