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5 Generator Problems You Can Avoid With an Automatic Transfer Switch

5 Generator Problems You Can Avoid With an Automatic Transfer Switch

A reliable generator system ensures an uninterrupted power supply during outages. However, incorporating a McPherson automatic transfer switch can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your backup power solution. 


These devices are crucial in seamlessly transitioning power sources during outages, minimizing disruptions and potential damage to electrical equipment.

Power Interruption Delays

One of the primary concerns during power outages is the delay in restoring electricity supply, which can affect appliances and sensitive equipment. McPherson automatic transfer switches address this issue by instantly detecting power outages and swiftly switching to generator power. This rapid response prevents significant interruptions, ensuring that essential systems remain operational without delay.

Manual Switching Hazards

Manual intervention in starting a generator during a power outage poses significant hazards, especially in potentially hazardous conditions. McPherson automatic transfer switches eliminate this risk by automating the switching process, reducing the likelihood of electrical accidents and injuries. 


With automatic operation, individuals do not need to expose themselves to potentially dangerous situations, enhancing safety in residential and commercial settings.

Overloading the Generator

Overloading the generator is a common problem, leading to equipment damage and system failures. McPherson automatic transfer switches address this issue by allowing for precise load management. 


These switches can be programmed to prioritize essential circuits, ensuring that only critical systems are powered on initially. By preventing overloading, automatic transfer switches help prolong the generator’s lifespan and maintain optimal performance during outages.

Utility Power Surge Damage

Another potential risk during power outages is utility power surge damage. When utility power is restored, there’s often a surge or spike in voltage, which can damage electrical devices and appliances. 


McPherson automatic transfer switches mitigate this risk by smoothly transitioning back to utility power, providing a buffer that protects against voltage surges. This safeguard ensures that your home or business remains shielded from potential damage, even during power fluctuations.

Human Error

During a power outage, the chaos and urgency can lead to errors in manual operation. McPherson automatic transfer switches eliminate the reliance on human intervention, ensuring that the generator is activated correctly and promptly every time. 


These switches remove the potential for human error and provide a reliable and consistent backup power solution, giving you peace of mind during emergencies.

The Power of the McPherson Automatic Transfer Switches

Installing a McPherson automatic transfer switch into your generator system offers numerous benefits and safeguards against common generator problems. From preventing power interruption delays to mitigating the risks of manual switching hazards and overloading, these devices play a vital role in ensuring uninterrupted power supply during outages. 


With their ability to smoothly transition between power sources and protect against utility power surge damage, automatic transfer switches provide a reliable and efficient backup power solution for residential and commercial applications. Invest in an automatic transfer switch today to enhance the reliability and performance of your generator system.


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