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Month: February 2020

Opt for Original Parts and Keep an Eye Out for Cheap Imitations

Opt for Original Parts and Keep an Eye Out for Cheap Imitations

In an industrial facility or manufacturing plant, it’s often vitally important to try to cut costs wherever you can, while still keeping employees safe and producing a high-quality product. However, purchasing counterfeit parts that were made in other countries is a poor way to do this, and can end up causing your business numerous problems, […]

The STAMFORD S-Range Series Exceeds Expectations

Featuring the patented CoreCooling technology, the STAMFORD S-Range Series brings advances in quality, power density, and reliability to industrial, marine and commercial applications. This series was launched by Cummins Generator Technologies as part of its rapid global product development program. Manufacturers of STAMFORD and AvK alternators, Cummins Generator Technologies produced this S-Range series of alternators […]


AC Alternators Brands

If you like the convenience of technology or enjoy having lights, heat, or air conditioning whenever you want it, then you need AC power. Those who find that they are not connected to the power grid will need to depend on a prime source generator set or double bearing alternator that will be able to […]

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