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The STAMFORD S-Range Series Exceeds Expectations

The STAMFORD S-Range Series Exceeds Expectations

Featuring the patented CoreCooling technology, the STAMFORD S-Range Series brings advances in quality, power density, and reliability to industrial, marine and commercial applications. This series was launched by Cummins Generator Technologies as part of its rapid global product development program.

Manufacturers of STAMFORD and AvK alternators, Cummins Generator Technologies produced this S-Range series of alternators built on its proven technology of their popular STAMFORD products.

Using innovative thermal, electromagnetic and mechanical levers, the CoreCooling enables this new S-Range series to deliver increased power density as compared to its predecessors.  Cummins Generator Technologies has been able to adapt quickly to market demand by improving, refining, and advancing a range of enhanced machines.

This increased power density and improved performance of the S-Range series meets and exceeds customer demand through its CoreCooling system.  CoreCooling is the name given to this suite of advanced technologies implemented throughout the S-Range series of products consisting of patented systems that target performance.

These technologies allow Cummins Generator Technologies to improve power density and deliver industry leading reliability to customers who value the company’s product design and customer service on the company for its proven dependability in the industry.

As manufacturers of premium quality alternators up to 11,200kVA STAMFORD and AvK brands, Cummins Generator Technologies also designs and manufactures various engines and related technologies. Fuel systems, air handling, controls, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generating systems are also produced by this industry leader.

The STAMFORD S-Range series incorporates a modular foot flexibility that facilitates greater compatibility with customers’ existing genset designs, allowing ease of assembly that fits seamlessly.  These traits give the series of alternators the ability to meet critical needs of a wide range of applications such as gas and oil auxiliary, continuous power and standby, combined heat and power and critical protection.

The product’s compact design allows for enhanced usability and high performance and power generation. Delivering proven reliability over 20,000 hours, this range is approved for low, medium, and high voltages.

As expected from the experienced Cummins Generator Technologies, the STAMFORD S-Range suite brings with it the power of global product engineering, drawing on the company’s market expertise and heritage to create a series of alternators that offers solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

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