TS913A0400A Thomson Automatic Transfer Switch

Product Summary
  • Automatic Transfer Switch
  • 400 AMPS
  • 3 Pole / 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz
  • TSC 9 Advanced Controller – Up to 240v only
  • 4 wire – Including Neutral
  • Power Contactor Switch Type
  • Rust Resistant Aluminum Enclosure
  • USA or Export type – UL1008 Listed

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Automatic transfer switches (ATS) play a crucial role in ensuring uninterrupted power supply during electrical outages. An ATS is a device that automatically transfers power from the main source to a backup generator, ensuring a seamless transition without any disruption in electrical service. This technology is widely used in commercial, industrial, and residential settings to protect critical equipment and maintain productivity.

ATSs offer numerous benefits. They detect power failures instantly and initiate the transfer process within milliseconds, minimizing downtime. They also eliminate the need for manual intervention, allowing businesses and homeowners to focus on other priorities during an outage. Additionally, ATSs provide a safe and reliable solution, preventing power surges or voltage fluctuations that could damage sensitive electronic equipment.

Investing in an ATS is a smart choice for any organization or homeowner concerned about power reliability. By ensuring continuous power supply, ATSs safeguard critical operations, preserve data integrity, and protect against financial losses. With their advanced features, ease of installation, and seamless operation, automatic transfer switches are an essential component of any robust power management system.


  • 100% Automatic system – Turns on generator when power goes out, Turns off generator when power is restored
  • 2-wire dry contact autostart output (Generator must have autostart enabled controller)
  • Built in Exerciser Timer included – 7, 14 or 28 day, On-load or Off-Load
  • Open Tranisition
  • Constant normal & emergency source monitoring
  • Outputs for Automatic Load Shed & Remote Alarming


>Listing photos are representative and may not reflect exact model
>High voltage can harm or cause death. This switch should only be installed or serviced by a trained technician

Additional information


Thomson Power Systems




TS910, Non-Service Rated

Physical Dimensions

45 1/8" x 24 7/8” x 11” (Enclosure dimensions are for reference)


80 lbs


2 Year Limited International Warranty


Miami, FL USA