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3 Ways To Get Your Industrial Generator Ready For Sale

3 Ways To Get Your Industrial Generator Ready For Sale


Acquiring the right assets is something you should be concerned with as a business owner. There are certain assets, like industrial generators, that are needed to keep your business running. Over time, the industrial generator you have in place might start to show signs of wear. Instead of throwing out your used generator, you need to sell it to another business owner.

In 2022, the revenue produced by generator sales topped $28 billion. Before you put your used industrial generator on the market, you need to do a few things. Here are some of the things you should do to get your industrial generator ready for sale.

1. Anticipate The Questions Potential Buyers Might Ask

Prior to making an offer on your used generator, a business owner will want to know specific information. Anticipating the questions a potential buyer might ask can help you prepare properly. One of the main things a potential buyer will want to know about your industrial generator is how it was used.

They will also want to know where the generator was located and whether or not it was protected from the elements. When making a listing for your used industrial generator, you should also include things like:

  • The type of fuel the generator uses
  • List of any indicators, features or alarms on the generator
  • The number of prior owners
  • The problems or issues the generator has

By creating a highly-detailed listing for your industrial generator, you can provide potential buyers with the information they desire.

2. Gather Basic Information About the Generator

When looking for agenerator to power their business, an entrepreneur will do thorough research before making a purchase. If you want to make selling your industrial generator easier, then you need to collect some basic information. The first thing you need to do is get details about the generator manufacturer and model number.

You also need to find out exactly how old the generator in question is. Knowing the kilowatt rating of your generator is also important. This rating provides a potential buyer with information about how much power it can supply. Checking the hour meter on your generator to get an accurate run hour number is also vital.

3. Don’t Forget to Take Pictures

Attracting attention with your for-sale ad will also require the use of pictures. Most potential buyers want to see what your industrial generator looks like before making an offer. As you take these pictures, be sure to get snapshots of things like:

  • The hour meter
  • Control panels
  • Manufacturer model and brand information
  • The engine and ID tag
  • The battery panel
  • All four sides of the industrial generator
  • Emergency stop buttons and alarms

Taking the time to take these pictures is worth it. With great pictures of your industrial generator, you should have no problem finding a motivated buyer.

If you are serious about selling your industrial generator for a good price, then you need to use the tips covered above.

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