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Automatic Voltage Regulators: Original Genuine VS. Fake original, What’s the big deal?

Automatic Voltage Regulators: Original Genuine VS. Fake original, What’s the big deal?


From everything to their logos, part numbers, form and original factory branding counterfeit items or cloned AVR’s are manufactured to look and feel exactly like originals. When placed side by side, an original AVR and a Chinese clone are 100% identical but the difference lies on the inside.

Automatic Voltage Regulators, or AVRs, are used to regulate AC voltages. They are widely used in industrial applications as generators depend on their ability to stabilize voltage. Therefore, it is crucial that you use a quality AVR to ensure compatibility and quality performance.

Since AVRs can be quite expensive sometimes companies opt for cheaper ones. This is where counterfeit products come into view such as clones from China. When it comes to AVRs, the downside of a made in China AVR is the poor quality and inability to sustain performance for a long period of time. Low-grade components are used in these “factories” to produce fake AVRs. Hence, the product itself can cause damage to other electrical components or the entire AC alternator due to compatibility issues. It could end up costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. For instance, buying a knock off Iphone may seem like the “cheaper” alternative however it will cost you more money and headaches in the end as the product starts to break down and lack of support from the supplier will not be available. Finally, since these clones are unauthorized copies, the warranty of the product themselves and the entire generator package are going to be void if generator is still under warranty.

If you are in doubt about whether you are seeing a genuine avr or not, please email us the website link and one of our experts will confirm for you at no charge.

Another indicator that you may have a knockoff AVR is that they are a lot cheaper than the original ones and the clones are sold on major bidding websites. Our team and a partnership with the OEM’s have identified clones being sold on the following sites:

  • alibaba
  • ebay
  • amazon
  • tradekey
  • aliexpress
  • joyfay
  • dhgate
  • banggood
  • made in china
  • Any supplier with a website from China

Use our website as a reference and compare the pricing. If it looks too good to be true most likely you are seeing a fake original.

For more information please visit: https://www.stamford

Piece of mind at Joval Industrial

Chinese clone products are unpredictable—you may have a working AVR one minute and a faulty one the next. To avoid the inconvenience and waste of money, it is best that you buy quality parts. Joval Industrial is one of the leading industrial wholesalers of top quality, power generation industry products. Our store is located in Miami, Florida, USA. We speak English and Spanish and look forward to distributing OEM factory direct parts/equipment while offering world class after-sales support on purchased products from our store. Can’t afford to pay for an original AVR but don’t want to buy a Chinese clone? Don’t worry, at Joval Industrial we offer a wide range of aftermarket certified regulators. No, we are not selling fake originals. We clearly state when offering an aftermarket certified regulator because we understand some customers may be on a limited budget. We have done our research and verified our aftermarkets are built to the highest quality and performance industry standards. We try to offer our customers different options; as well as provide them with the peace of mind that whether they purchase an original or a certified aftermarket AVR they will be provided with a first-class product.

You Can Trust Joval Industrial Because:

  • We have the lowest and discounted prices for all AVR products.
  • We have all products available in stock.
  • Fast order processing and shipping.
  • International worldwide shipping available.
  • We proudly provide genuine AVR products direct from the factory and high end alternatives that will provide the same result
  • High-level of exceptional customer service at all times.

Below are our bestsellers:

MX341-2 AVR Stamford
The MX341-2 is a genuine dual phase AVR by Stamford intended for a brush-less generator.

R450 AVR Leroy
The genuine R450 AVR Leroy is a single-phase voltage regulator with a product rating of IP00.

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