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Factors That Can Lead To Commercial Generator Failure

Factors That Can Lead To Commercial Generator Failure

Factors That Can Lead To Commercial Generator Failure

Most business owners are passionate about keeping their operations running during bad weather events. One of the main things you need to weather a bad storm without losing power is to invest in a quality commercial generator. With the help of professionals, you can get the right commercial generator and have it installed in no time.

Business owners in the United States spend millions of dollars on new commercial generators every year. The average business owner labors under the lie that their generator will work without fail when needed. If the generator in question hasn’t been properly maintained or has faulty components, it will not work when the power goes out.

Here are some factors that can cause a commercial generator to fail and what you can do to address these problems:

Overheating Can Severely Damage a Commercial Generator

A commercial generator has a variety of different parts. All of these parts have to work together for the desired outcome to be achieved when the generator is powered on. The cooling system on your commercial generator can develop problems over time. Tattered hoses and damaged belts can leave this cooling system useless.

If these components aren’t functioning properly, your generator will start to overheat. When this overheating occurs, you need to work on finding the root cause. Dust or debris in the radiator core, as well as a dirty coolant, can result in overheating. In some cases, you might have to use better aftermarket cooling solutions to prevent overheating.

Your Battery System Isn’t Functioning Properly

When a power outage occurs in your commercial building, your generator will need to fire up quickly. The batteries located in your generator are designed to provide the power needed for the engine to start. If the battery in question doesn’t provide the energy needed, you will be unable to keep the lights on in your commercial building during a bad weather event.

One of the first things you should check when facing battery issues is the condition of your connections. If these connections are loose or corroded, you need to fix them. There will be instances when the only way to resolve this problem is by replacing the battery. Routine battery checks can help you pinpoint these problems early on and extend the life of your commercial generator.

Check The Fuel in Your Generator

The right amount of fuel is needed to keep your commercial generator running. If you can’t get your generator to start, then you need to check the fuel levels. If the fuel tank is empty, then you might be dealing with water contamination problems.

Even the smallest amount of water in your fuel can damage the commercial generator’s diesel engine. One of the best ways to combat these issues is by finding the right fuel stabilizer treatment. You can also use certain fuel polishing techniques to keep water out of your engine.

If you are faced with any of the issues mentioned here, you need to reach out to generator repair professionals for assistance.

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