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Two Main Considerations When Purchasing An Industrial Generator

Two Main Considerations When Purchasing An Industrial Generator

For many industries and enterprises, a constant and reliable source of power is vital. At any point, interrupted power and power outages can cause a complete breakdown in service, production, and other processes that depend on electricity to operate. Heavy-duty industrial generators provide a dependable backup power source for powering all sorts of commercial needs. 

Industrial generators are different from residential generators. They are designed to carry a heavy load for an extended period, ensuring production continues, and service runs smoothly in the event of a power outage. Finding the right generator for your business or enterprise is essential to your company’s security and success. Two primary considerations in purchasing your industrial generator are power and fuel type.


Power requirement is perhaps the number one consideration for the type of generator that will work best for your needs. The capacity of the generator you choose depends on the types of equipment that the generator or generators will need to support. In general, you should have a generator with a power capacity over the required amount required for the equipment it will power. It is always better to have too much power in a generator than to have too little, especially in an industrial application. 

Fuel Type

When purchasing an industrial generator, you should consider the fuel type. Gasoline and diesel are the two main types of fuel used by industrial generators, and there are pros and cons to both types. Traditionally, gasoline-powered generators are less expensive; however, they have a few shortcomings that may or may not affect your business needs. 

Gasoline can freeze during frigid temperatures, requiring unique storage solutions to ensure it works when needed; depending on the region your company is located and the placement of the generator on its property, temperature considerations are necessary. 

Diesel generators make for better industrial applications as they are more efficient when running under a heavy load than gasoline. They are also better choices for regions where the temperature dips below freezing. Diesel generators operate with higher efficiency than those powered by gasoline, making them better options for industrial settings.

Today, modern diesel generators have improved fuel burning features that lessen their potential negative impact on the environment and reduce the emission of dangerous gasses. 

Quality Matters

Industrial generators can keep you powered and running smoothly even in the most unexpected of circumstances. Choosing a high-quality generator will ensure that your equipment is powered sufficiently at all times. The higher quality of the generator also means the easier it will be to find replacement parts if something breaks, keeping you running full steam ahead. 

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