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5 Advantages of Using an Automatic Transfer Switch

5 Advantages of Using an Automatic Transfer Switch

In the ever-evolving technological era, access to an uninterrupted power supply cannot be understated. There’s a growing dependency on continuous power flow in many places, including hospitals, data centers, residential homes, and more. 

To ensure this, many institutions and homes use backup generators. Yet, the real challenge isn’t just having a backup generator but how efficiently you switch from one power source to another. 

Enter the McPherson ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch). Learn why automatic transfer switches are preferred over the manual counterparts here. 

Seamless Operation

One of the most significant advantages of an automatic transfer switch, like the McPherson ATS, is its ability to operate seamlessly. Unlike manual switches that require human intervention, an ATS switches power sources automatically. 

This ensures a continuous power flow, which is especially crucial during emergencies. You don’t have to scramble to switch to the backup generator when the primary power source fails. The ATS does it for you, ensuring essential operations continue without interruption.


An ATS stands out for its speed. It can detect power losses almost instantly and then switch to the backup generator within moments. This rapid transition minimizes downtime, which can be invaluable, especially for operations that rely on continuous power. Moreover, potential damages to sensitive equipment that might result from power interruptions are significantly reduced.


Safety concerns arise when manual switches are used, especially during adverse conditions like storms or power outages at night. There’s a need for personnel to be present physically to make the switch. This exposes them to potential hazards like electric shocks or other environmental risks. With an ATS, these risks are minimized, if not eliminated. Since everything is automated, there’s no need for anyone to be present, making it a safer option.


Some facilities, such as data centers and hospitals, cannot afford power outages. A few seconds of a power outage can cause significant data losses or endanger lives. With its automatic operations, an ATS ensures a consistent power supply, making it an indispensable tool for such establishments.

Reduced Risk of User Error

While straightforward in design, manual switches require a proper sequence of operations. If not operated in the correct sequence, there’s a risk of equipment damage or dangerous power back feeding. 

These are human errors that can have catastrophic results. With an ATS, these risks are practically eliminated. Since the system operates automatically, there’s no room for manual errors, ensuring a safer and more reliable power transition.

The Superior Choice – McPherson ATS

In an era where consistent power supply is more than just a convenience, the McPherson ATS emerges as the superior choice. Its seamless operation, rapid response, unparalleled safety measures, unwavering consistency, and reduced risk of user errors make it stand head and shoulders above manual transfer switches. 

The McPherson ATS is the answer for anyone seeking efficiency, safety, and reliability in their power transfer systems.


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