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Nidec Leroy-Somers and Kato Generators

Nidec Leroy-Somers and Kato Generators

The French company Nidec maintains two brands of excellent industrial generators for heavy jobs and ruggedized use.

At Joval Industrial, we stock these types of generators and generator parts, because we understand the appeal of products from this long-standing company with a great reputation for quality and durability. Our customers love the dependability and exquisite design of these generator systems, and the ways that they are made to stand up to the demands of a tough job.

Leroy-Somer Generators

This Leroy-Somer brand is well known in the industrial world. Selling medium to high voltage generators, Leroy-Somer has also conducted forays into the building of generators for hydro and wind projects.

That’s just part of the Leroy-Somer reputation when it comes to supporting diverse energy sourcing. For example, the company’s reputation of creating applications connected to nuclear power is another part of its portfolio, and a marker of excellence for that brand in the greater industry. On the other hand, Leroy-Somer has also demonstrated its prowess in understanding grid compliance and how to design generators and generator parts for the traditional electrical grid.

Then there’s versatility for control; Leroy-Somer products can be useful for turnkey overhauls of generator systems. The Leroy-Somer OEM status is excellent, and its MTBF numbers are competitive.

All of this means that the generators and generator parts in our catalog that come from the Leroy-Somers brand have all of this quality engineering in place. We can help consult on how to use these machines best for a particular industrial use.

Kato Generators

On the energy side, Kato is well known for oil and gas capabilities. Experts cite power conversion and stability as some of the major values for this type of generator. These generators are known to be dependable and ruggedized for heavy industrial environments. We provide the parts like traction alternators and turbine generators that companies need to succeed.

With an 83 year legacy, Kato is a well-known and well-respected generator brand. Its systems are commonly used for rail and hauler implementations, and for Navy ships.

Get more from Joval Industrial, a distributor of supply chains for companies that need to outperform their competitors in tough markets. Having the knowledge to select the best equipment and maintenance plan options separates the wheat from the chaff; we are here to help our clients to navigate the world of generators and related industrial equipment, for procurement, installation and maintenance that meets the business needs of the enterprise. Check out our web site for more on getting the best equipment in-house.

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