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What You Need To Know About Transfer Switches

What You Need To Know About Transfer Switches

What You Need To Know About Transfer Switches

When the power grid that provides your business with electricity is compromised, you will need to find a way to keep the lights and machines in your commercial building on. A reliable industrial generator is just what you need to keep your business running regardless of the condition of your local power grid. Knowledgeable business owners are well aware that an industrial generator is a worthy investment.

Over $1.4 billion is spent on industrial generators in the United States every year. If you want your industrial generator to work flawlessly, you need to have the right parts in place. Transfer switches are something you need to become familiar with if you want to make your generator more reliable.

What Are Transfer Switches?

If bad weather or an accident knocks out the power to your commercial building, you will need a quick and intuitive method to turn on your industrial generator. The purpose of a transfer switch is to transfer your power requirements to a generator when needed. Many business owners opt for automatic transfer switches because they spring into action as soon as power is lost.

This means there will be limited interruptions to your business when this common event occurs. You can effectively make the process of deriving power from your industrial generator with a transfer switch in place. Failing to get a transfer switch means that an operator or engineer will have to connect your generator whenever a power outage occurs.

The period between the time your power goes off and when your generator is manually connected can be significant. Rather than bottoming out productivity levels when the power goes out, you need to realize the importance of a transfer switch.

The Difference Between Manual and Automatic Transfer Switches

As you head out to look for a transfer switch for your industrial generator, you will be presented with two basic options. Transfer switches are either automatic or manual.

With an automatic transfer switch, you can automate the process of switching between your main electrical power source and your industrial generator. These switches are designed to detect when interruptions to the power supply occur. When this is detected, the transfer switch will react and turn on the backup generator.

A manual transfer switch will require an actual operator to activate it. Once the operator flips the manual switch, the industrial generator will be activated. Manual transfer switches are acceptable in some environments that don’t require time-critical power.

Why Investing In a Transfer Switch is a Good Idea

Standard industrial generators are unable to operate without the presence of a transfer switch. These switches are also a regulatory requirement of the National Electric Code. With the addition of a transfer switch, you can also make your backup power solution safer. Manually hooking up a generator when the power goes out can be extremely dangerous. This is why you need to invest in a transfer switch.

Now that you know about the benefits of transfer switches, it is time to find the right one for your industrial generator.

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